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Subject: RE: Congratulations to Allan Thomson

Well I certainly will join you in congratulating Mr. Thompson!   

Mr. Thompson, I am an OASIS newbie, but no doubt in my mind the awards was well deserved (based on my observations when you were in the OPenC2 forum) 


Joe B

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Subject: [cti] Congratulations to Allan Thomson

Dear CTI TC members,


As you may have seen in an email from Scott McGrath, COO of OASIS, Allan Thomson was one of three winners of the OASIS Distinguished Contributors award this year.  As Scott wrote:

Allan Thompson of LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, is a significant contributor to STIX and TAXII 2.0 efforts, co-chairs the interoperability subcommittee for the OASIS CTI TC, and leads testing and conformance strategy development for OASIS' widely-implemented cybersecurity information standards STIX and TAXII from that committee. Allan's work to unify competing standards and pragmatically drive his community to workable compromise and consensus has been a key contributor to the success of the CTI community. 


I had the distinct pleasure to present the award to Allan at the OASIS members meeting that was held last Thursday in conjunction with the Borderless Cyber conference in NYC.  In my remarks I emphasized that it was not only what Allan does for the TC that is so valuable, it is how he does it.  While no one will ever describe Allan as shy in advocating for what he believes in (☺), he is also always one of the first people to roll up his sleeves to do the hard work to find a solution that is acceptable to all.  Allan is relentlessly inclusive and understands that the work we are doing here is bigger than any one person or organization – traits that are crucial in building a community of volunteers.


Please join me in congratulating Allan.





Richard J. Struse


Chair, OASIS Cyber Threat Intelligence Technical Committee

Chief Strategist for Cyber Threat Intelligence

The MITRE Corporation

+1-703-983-7049 (office) 

+1-703-342-8368 (mobile)

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