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Subject: RE: STIX/TAXII FAQ - Design Patterns, Design Decisions, Upgrading from 1-2, etc.

Hi All,


DHS has worked with APL and MITRE to provide the attached additions to be included within the TC FAQ. The content is also available in the Google doc, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1V5tE78N10McUq1xUOHV1RTVsOoYmiq_xt2PY1YI8bsU/edit, as a suggestion.


Please review and bring up any questions you have about the items in the document.




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Subject: [cti] STIX/TAXII FAQ - Design Patterns, Design Decisions, Upgrading from 1-2, etc.




The co-chairs have spent a bit of time fleshing out a STIX/TAXII FAQ. It contains questions about STIX and TAXII generally, how to get involved, the differences between 1 and 2, general design patterns, and specific design decisions that have been made.


Link to the Google Doc is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1V5tE78N10McUq1xUOHV1RTVsOoYmiq_xt2PY1YI8bsU/edit. Everyone who’s been added to the specification docs should already have comment rights.


Can you all take some time to review it? We’re looking for:


-          Do we address all of the questions that people are asking? What questions are we missing?

-          Do the answers address what people are looking for?

-          Are the answers correct?

-          Is it the right level of detail?


We also need to decide what we want to do with the material when it’s done. It may make sense to publish it as a committee note, or we could just keep it in Google Docs and let it evolve over time. Either way we’ll probably want to include the content in the cti-tc.github.io site. For the time being though let’s focus on getting the content correct, then we can decide what to do with it.



Attachment: FAQ_STIX_TAXII_2.0_additions.docx
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