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Subject: FreeTAXII Test Server - now supports filtering, pagination, and manifests


I have updated my libstix2 libraries and test / demo TAXII server to support:

  • URL based filtering
  • pagination
  • manifest records  

Please note that I have forced the server to paginate at 10 records.  This should ensure that you have something to work with while testing your TAXII clients.  

All of the URL filtering works.  You can even search on partial dates for the "?added_after=" filter.  You can do just a year, a full date, or a full STIX timestamp.  Example: "2017", "2017-11-30", or "2017-11-30T12:14:14.123456Z"

While I have tried to make sure everything works correctly, I am sure there are a few things I have missed.  Please feel free to file bugs in the FreeTAXII/freetaxii-server issue tracker here: https://github.com/freetaxii/freetaxii-server/issues

Also let me know if you are using my libstix2 libraries and if they are working for you. 

Some Direct URLs:

List of all collections in this API Root: https://test.freetaxii.com:8000/osint/collections/

One of the 11 collections I am currently hosting:

Its Manifest Entry:

Its Object Entry:


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