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Subject: Important topics for our next working call and full TC call



At the Salt Lake City F2F, the attendees developed a high-level development workflow for STIX and TAXII 2.1 and future releases, as well as a proposed CSD release roadmap for STIX and TAXII 2.1. This approach outlined a process by which new features should be proposed and evaluated by the TC, including the criteria for determining whether a new feature is mature enough to be included in a Committee Specification. The details of this process were outlined at the February full TC meeting - please see the slides for more details.


Subsequent to last month's full TC meeting, several potential shortcomings with the approach developed at the F2F have been identified. We have been unable to reach consensus as to whether these are actual shortcomings or how to address them. In order to move forward with the finalization of STIX and TAXII 2.1, we need a decision on the approach and process for this and future releases by the entire TC. (Which means, we need your input!)


After the full TC call this week we will open a ballot to choose a path forward for the TC work program. In order to ensure that your voice is heard, we will be discussing this at the next full meeting of the TC which is on Thursday, March 15th. Preparatory to this, we are dedicating the TC working call on Tuesday, March 13th to discussions of alternative approaches. We need your input either in email or by attending the working call and the full TC call, as the decision we ultimately make via the ballot will have impact on the content and timing of future releases.


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.



Rich (on behalf of the entire CTI TC Leadership Team)


Richard J. Struse


Chair, OASIS Cyber Threat Intelligence Technical Committee

Chief Strategist for Cyber Threat Intelligence

The MITRE Corporation

+1-703-983-7049 (office)

+1-703-342-8368 (mobile)

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