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Subject: Agenda for Monthly TC Meeting on Thursday, April 26th



Here are the topics that we intend to cover during the full TC meetings tomorrow, April 26th:

  • STIX 2.1 ballot results and next steps
  • Call for STIX 2.1 SDO sponsors and PoC implementations
  • News from RSAC
  • Upcoming training sessions
  • Interop update
  • TAXII 2.1 CSD01 update
  • STIX 2.1 CSD01 update
  • Upcoming F2F meetings
  • Q&A


Remember that we run two meetings each month, one at 11AM (Eastern) and another at 9PM (Eastern).  Please make sure to attend one of these as they count towards your voting rights in the TC.





Richard J. Struse


Chair, OASIS Cyber Threat Intelligence Technical Committee

Chief Strategist for Cyber Threat Intelligence

The MITRE Corporation

+1-703-983-7049 (office)

+1-703-342-8368 (mobile)

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