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Subject: slides from the call today

Here are the sides from today's call..  Action items are:

1) Make sure that the list of features (near-term and long-term) is complete and they meet the needs that you are aware of (this is not to say that we will do all of them right now, or at all, just that the list is complete)

2) Please add any gotchas or caveats that we need to be mindful of in relation to each feature 

3) Identify which features need to be done now (2.1) versus features that can be done later (2.2+)

My goals are to get high level agreement first on the master list of features and second when we should be doing them.  Once we have that, we can talk about design ideas and implementation strategies.



Attachment: 2018-06-03_TAXII Working Call.pdf
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