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Subject: Enhancement Process


We have had several discussion about an enhancement process.  In an effort to help drive this forward and help us get high-level agreement on what this would mean, here are a few points. 

Types of Enhancements

  1. New Objects (STIX Domain Objects, STIX Relationship Objects, Cyber Observable Objects)
  2. Named Groupings of new properties on an existing object
  3. Adding clarity or enhanced meaning to some property (example, explaining double or triple tagging of data in a “tags” property)
  4. Redefining some semantic meaning to some properties or objects in STIX
  5. Adding elements or redefining concepts in Patterning


  1. Useable by the TC itself for ideas that are not well understood
  2. Useable by people inside the TC for their ideas
  3. Useable by people outside the TC for their ideas
  4. Ability to submit, if the creators desire, the enhancement to the TC
    1. If TC wants to make changes the creators can withdraw their proposal 
  5. Ability to register, if creators desire, the enhancement in a registry run by some yet-to-be-determined group/org/method
  6. Ability to advertise in a STIX object that an enhancement is in use
  7. Ability to advertise in TAXII that an enhancement is in use
  8. Ability to filter in TAXII for enhancements

Please let me know if the list of possible enhancement types is correct and if you have any additional requirements. 


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