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Subject: Re: [EXT] [cti] Motion for Open Repository for STIX Enhancement Proposals

I will not retract my objection because we do not yet know if and how this process is going to work.  

For that matter there is already a public comment method if they want to submit an idea to the TC.

We need to figure out what this processes will allow and what it will not allow.  How various STIX documents and TAXII servers will advertise this.  Then after all of that we can talk about if we need a registry and if so, how we would build one.


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On Jul 24, 2018, at 2:10 PM, Trey Darley <trey@newcontext.com> wrote:

On 24.07.2018 20:25:29, Bret Jordan wrote:
Isnât this premature ?  We do not yet have a process and have not
yet decided on how this should be done. So I would not concur yet,
with this request.

Hi, Bret -

Cf. the attached mail, New Context are already using SEPs, as will our
CES-21 partners (3 California utilities, and 2 national labs). As our
work on defining things like ICS-related Cyber Observables is widely
applicable outside of CES-21, we'd like to ensure that other
organizations in the energy sector are able to interoperate. Our
desire is that this work be owned by OASIS, protected by the Open
Repository's CLA.

The creation of this GitHub repository will allow a lot of good work
to be contributed to the STIX community. The existence of this GitHub
repository in no way precludes the TC from defining some other process
and voting that in down the road. Meanwhile, we'd like to crack on
with some work.

Bret, unless you can articulate some harm that would come about by New
Context and our partners contributing ICS-related STIX Enhancement
Proposals to the TC via an OASIS Open Repository I would respectfully
ask that you withdraw your objection.

Director of Standards Development, New Context
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