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Subject: Putting the Intelligence back into CTI: save the date and call for submissions

Greetings, y'all!

This is a save the date and call for submissions for the 2019 FIRST
Symposium on Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI). The event will be held
18-20 March 2019 at BT Centre (81 Newgate Street, London), hosted by
BT and Digital Shadows. There will be one day of training followed by
two days of plenary sessions. This event will be open to both FIRST
members and non-members.

Proceedings will not be recorded. No press will be admitted. Speakers
may stipulate that their sessions be treated as confidential and all
attendees are expected to respect this. Breaches of the FIRST Code of
Conduct [1] (including failing to respect the confidentiality of
certain sessions) have consequences.

Information about registration and fees will be available soon.

Training and talk proposals should be submitted via EasyChair [2].

Call for Speakers
FIRST is looking for speakers that would like to present on topics
related to Cyber Threat Intelligence including:

    * Metrics for assessing the effectiveness of an organization's CTI
    * Data analysis techniques for measuring the quality of CTI.
    * Finding the needle in the haystack: how do we prioritize
    * Scaling the human: leveraging rare expertise in a scalable way.
    * Adversary Emulation and TTPs - lessons from MITRE ATT&CK, CBEST,
      TIBER, and similar programs.
    * Case studies that highlight failures and/or successes of using
    * Operationalising CTI: effective tooling for protection,
      detection, and response.
    * Overcoming CTI integration challenges in your security
    * CTI creation, enrichment, and refinement best practices.
    * Collecting data: You'll never catch all the Pokemon.
    * CTI in context with digital forensics.
    * Intelligence tradecraft wasn't invented yesterday:
      cross-pollinating tools and techniques to the cyber domain.
    * Protecting human rights and civil society in the context of the
      dual-use nature of CTI.

Call for Training
FIRST is looking for training submissions related to the above
topics. There are multiple full or half-day training tracks to be

CFP Timeline
    * Shepherding Cutoff: 30 September 2018
    * CFP closes: 30 October 2018
    * Submitter notifications: 30 November 2018
    * Draft presentation materials due: 22 January 2019
    * Final presentation materials due: 22 February 2019

How does the shepherding process work?
Program committees often receive promising submissions that ultimately
fail to be accepted because they somehow just missed the mark. The
shepherding process is designed to provide feedback to submitters in
the hope that the revised submission is more likely to be accepted
(but, like most things in life, there are no guarantees). Whether this
is your first-ever submission to a conference or you are an
experienced presenter, shepherding is your friend. If your submission
is selected by the PC for shepherding, you will receive a few hours of
mentorship by one or more PC members to help refine your submission.

Only submissions received by 30 September 2018 will be considered for
shepherding. All other submissions received by the CFP close 23:59 UTC
30 October 2018 will be reviewed by the PC as normal submissions.

All talk and training proposals should be submitted via EasyChair [2].

Full papers will be given preferential treatment over abstract-only
submissions but all submissions will be given full consideration.

Submissions which the Programming Committee determines to be product
pitches will be rejected.

Again, all submissions must be received by 23:59 UTC 30 October 2018.

[1]: https://first.org/about/policies/code-of-conduct
[2]: https://easychair.org/cfp/first_cti_2019

Trey Darley, Program Chair
Director of Standards Development, New Context
gpg fingerprint: 3918 9D7E 50F5 088F 823F  018A 831A 270A 6C4F C338
"The obscure we see eventually. The completely obvious, it seems,
takes longer." --Edward R. Murrow

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