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Subject: Malware Proposal


I am submitted a new proposal (based on the previous great work by so many people) for malware to address all of the comments and concerns that have come up recently about embedded cyber observables, parent markers in cyber observables, and allowing third parties to add intelligence over time.  This new proposal has two new SDOs.  One for "malware" and one for "malware-analysis".  This proposal also used "observed_data" natively and allows relationships between "observed_data" objects. 

I have attached a PDF copy of the proposal to this email and you can see the master copy in Google Docs here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1h7mRlHCCiS0JZ2w3VcZM6HwEVXx2pZRR7GNEXzM-CN4/edit#



Attachment: STIX 2.1 Malware Proposal.pdf
Description: STIX 2.1 Malware Proposal.pdf

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