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Subject: STIX Enhancements


I would like to kick of a thread here to discuss some of the STIX Enhancement pieces that I feel we need to address.  Please note, the STIX Enhancement work is not the same as the STIX Work Product Process document that I sent out a few weeks earlier.  These are different things.

In order for STIX Enhancements (or what some might call a protocol or schema extension) to work it is my belief that a STIX Object that contains an enhancement needs a way of saying that it contains one or more enhancements.  Further, I also believe there needs to be some very basic elements added to TAXII to be able to identify that a client and server both support certain enhancements. On the STIX schema side I view this as something like:


   type: "indicator",


   seps: [




   ...rest of indicator...


There has been some discussion about if SEPs should be versioned or if each SEP version should be its own thing.  I have not seen enough pros and cons to personally decide what I would prefer.  Also, the list of SEPs may need to be a list of objects instead of a list of strings.


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