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Subject: 2 Oct 2018 CTI TC Working Call Notes



Notes have been uploaded to Kavi as a PDF here: https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/document.php?document_id=64008&wg_abbrev=cti


Also pasting below so you have them directly.





  • https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/SdXh5no69Xm_sbcqCTV06mHFSHSqEdGNapN_DYhV-hddj9PZdTWcNdZGHyWkcOicHEzX8cnbOMa970emsVUo778AIVKAvp67jlxt7qvKTguOSHT-_ICqNclzrrJGzp2tr3z7fvpLTrey commented on Session 1: There had been agreement that use cases should be identified ahead of time, and aligned with co-sponsors
  • Bret commented on Session 2: the conversation and use cases came about because they're problematic given how observed-data works now.
  • Marlon question on TC changes: is there a plan to have CSD01 hosted on OASIS?
            • Bret answered that the documents are uploaded to Kavi
            • Chet will be publishing them via the OASIS process as a published document shortly.
            • Bret will send out links after the call
  • Jeff comment on use cases
            • Can we add TAXII to the use cases?
            • Discussion led to probably yes, for 1-2.
  • Sean commented on UC2, which needs a new object (whois/DNS)
            • John mentioned there is a passive DNS object we could use. But let's just delete this.
  • Marlon commented about public review


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