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Subject: Working Call Tomorrow and TAXII Items


Just a reminder that we will be talking about a few TAXII items on tomorrows call.

A) TAXII 2.1 Working Draft 04 is out for TC wide review.  Please review and provide any feedback in the Google Doc by EOD this coming Friday, November 30th. Here is the original announcement email [1] about the review.

B) We will be talking about adding a basic relationship query to TAXII 2.1. Yes, this does not solve all of the use-cases for query, however, it does solve a major gap in the current implementation and gives us something now. So far I have heard from 6 people that support this, and 1 that does not. Please review and comment.  The original email about this can be found here [2]. 

C) We would like to give some time to Marlon to talk about the TAXII Client User-Agent request. This is documented in Github issue 86 found here [3].

Assuming the TC as a whole agrees to the changes for B and C, Drew and I should be able to turn around a final TAXII 2.1 Working Draft in a week or so.  This means that TAXII 2.1 could ship by end-of-year, or very early January.


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