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Subject: TAXII WD 04 and added User-Agent text


All of the changes we have received so far on TAXII 2.1 Working Draft 04 have been editorial, and have been accepted. Based on this past working call, I have added some simple text to address Github Issue 86 that asked for adding a User-Agent to TAXII Clients. 

You can see this text in sections 3.2, 8.2.1, and 8.4.1.  Please review. 

The full TC review period for Working Draft 04 ends tomorrow EOD.  If at all possible, please review and provide your suggestions. 

Based on where we are at, and if no new suggestions come in, I am thinking of making a motion next week to accept WD05 (WD04 + editorial changes + user-agent) as CSD 02 and to open a public review in preparation for it becoming a 2.1 CS.

The only outstanding issue we have was whether or not to add any type of basic search/query in this release.  While I have heard from some of you, I do not feel like we have a solid enough consensus to move forward. There have been two strong objections given. While consensus is not unanimity, I would like to try and find a compromise that will more generally work and be accepted.  But that may mean doing it in TAXII 2.2.


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