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Subject: cti-python-stix2 v1.1.0 released

TC Members,


We would like to announce another completed milestone for the cti-python-stix2 OASIS TC Open Repository [1]. As mentioned a while ago, stix2 was waiting for the approval of the first STIX 2.1 CSD to incorporate initial support for new objects and features in the library. A lot of work has been put into it (there were commits/code dated over a year ago) and this release now incorporates that STIX 2.1 CSD. This release is meant to help debug components of the library and also check for problems that should be addressed in the specification. Thanks to Chris Lenk, Michael Chisholm, Rich Piazza, and the community that has been making contributions to the codebase. That being said, these are the new features:


- All STIX 2.1 SDOs/SROs and core objects have been implemented according to the latest CSD document

- There is an implementation for the confidence conversion scales

- #80, #197 Tests created for v20 are also implemented for v21 (~1,700 tests to cover both versions)

- #189 Added extra checks for the pre-commit tool (make sure the codebase follows best practices, readable code)


* If you are interested in the details you can read the CHANGELOG file on the GitHub repository.


In continuation with our upcoming plans, and transparency for the rest of the members. This is a general roadmap for the library:



Version 1.1.0 – This Version (Once first STIX 2.1 CSD is approved):

                - Provide initial support for 2.1 objects based on latest CSD document

                - Most 2.1 changes including Confidence scales, SDOs, and Properties implemented

                - Default behavior for "from stix2 import X" or “import stix2”will remain as to import the 2.0 representation of the object(s)


Version 1.1.X (Upon subsequent STIX 2.1 CSD approvals):

- Update library to align with new CSDs

- Bug fixes


Version 2.0.0 (Once 2.1 becomes a CS):

              - Update the library to reflect any final changes that made it to the final version of the spec

- Default behavior for "from stix2 import X" or “import stix2” will be changed to import the 2.1 representation of the object(s)



Emmanuelle Vargas-Gonzalez


[1] https://github.com/oasis-open/cti-python-stix2


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