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Subject: TAXII Ballot and plans going forward


Congratulations, the TAXII 2.1 CSD02 ballot has passed (this was based on Working Draft 05).  During this ballot phase, we received several comments and suggestions from the TC.  The editors have added those suggestions to the live Google doc version and will be folding them in to Working Draft 06 after the public review period. If you want to review those proposed changes, please see the Google Doc version (all changes have been made in suggestion mode). 

I have asked OASIS to proceed with opening a 30-day public review period. This should start this week and go into January. During this public review period I expect that we will get some comments and suggestions from the public and / or the OASIS TAB. After the public review period, if the TC agrees to those proposed changes, the editors will fold them into working draft 06, along with the changes proposed by the TC during the CSD02 ballot. 

I will give you an update on what happens next, after we get to this point. 



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