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Subject: Call for interested organizations for inclusion in STIXPreferred Launch

All TC Member organizations,


As discussed on the monthly call today we are working on the STIXPreferred launch this coming year.


If your organization would like to be part of the OASIS STIXPreferred launch this coming year please reply unicast to this email directly.




  1. Open to all TC Member organizations
  2. By launch date (tbd â but target Q2 2019) your organization has completed and passed at least 1 STIXPreferred certification




  1. Inclusion in STIXPreferred Press Release issued by OASIS
    1. Recognising that your organization and product are one of the first to pass the new industry wide certification of STIXPreferred products.
    2. Included in social media announcements
  2. Addition of your organizationâs company, product on STIXPreferred Preferred Products web page.
  3. Recognition on OASIS CTI TC (and possibly other outlets) as part of STIXPreferred launch.
  4. Inclusion/mention in STIXPreferred webinar being planned coincident with the launch date.


Most of launch activities are primarily being driven by OASIS staff and we will pass your organizationâs name, productâetc. onto them for inclusion.


If you have any questions on the STIXPreferred program please let us know.




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