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Subject: Change to allow TAXII to support new Cyber Observable Objects


Based on the conversation we had last week and today at the F2F, we have proposed the following text change to TAXII 2.1 WD06 to address the ability for TAXII to work with the proposed Cyber Observable changes. 

This can be found in Section 3.4.1 in the Version Filter Parameter section. The text that was added is in yellow highlight below. Please let us know if you have any concerns or objections to adding this final piece of text for TAXII 2.1.


If a STIX object is not versioned (and therefore does not have a modified timestamp) then this version parameter MUST use the created timestamp. If an object does not have a created or modified timestamp or any other version information that can be used, then the server should use a value for the version that is consistent to the server. 

### END


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