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Subject: Project Plan Update


Trey and spent a few hours today doing more editorial work and project management work.  We were able to clean up and refining some of the elements in the project plan that we have been tracking against.  You will now notice that we added some dates to some of the items to indicate when we plan to discuss them on working calls. Please see the project plan here:


But good news, Trey and I both believe that we will be able to finish milestone 1 after next weeks working call.  This will then put us on track to finish milestone 2 by end of month and get Working Draft 04 out to the TC for review in preparation for CSD02 and public review. 

As a reminder on next weeks working call we will be discussing the following items (please come prepared to discuss):
  1. Cyber Observable values for deterministic IDs
  2. Observed Data changes
  3. Review any suggestions or changes to Grouping/Malware
  4. What to do about vocabs, where should we locate them?
  5. How to merge the rest of part 3 in to part 1 (customizing SCOs and conformance)
  6. DONE - Final Review: Merge intro in to part 1
  7. DONE - Editorial Change: Move glossary from appendix to introduction


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