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Subject: Proposal for ID and Backwards Compatibility for Cyber Observables


As we discussed on our last working call, there is an issue with identifiers that needs to be solved to maintaining backwards compatibility with the cyber observable changes.  Part of this comes from the fact that we have currently three different definitions for identifiers in STIX.


  • The SDO/SRO identifier
  • The new SCO deterministic identifier
  • The old SCO Cyber Observable Container identifier.  

In addition to the backward compatibility problem we discussed, there has been several requests to allow UUIDv5 IDs for the SDO/SRO identifiers.

The editors have worked with a few of you offline to come up with some propose text for identifiers that would solve all of these issues, give us a single STIX identifier, and maintain backwards compatibility with the cyber observable container. 

The proposal is in a standalone document [1] for now. If we can get agreement on it, the editors will move it into the main document.  Please review this text and provide comments and suggestions before next weeks working call.

The agenda for next weeks working call will be to talk about this ID Proposal and the changes to the Observed Data object.

[1] - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eq81yGgaKQMKK4uM1Vlhf4GOnE33HUgLRXC5b-Nvfts/edit#heading=h.4tv16s4u0ssh


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