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Subject: Review of working call today


We made significant progress today on the working call, and as such the TC has fully completed all activities that were part of Milestone 1. This is a great accomplishment and moves us one step closer to a STIX 2.1 release. 

In regards to the discussion on the ID Proposal, today we had near unanimity 17 out of 19 voted yes (0-no, 2 abstain) on having a "single" identifier in STIX and moving the ID Proposal over to the main document to be further tweaked and refined.  Allan and John-Mark agreed to work on some extra text to help developers understand how these IDs should be used which Jason said should address some of his concerns. 

We also were able to resolve the changes to the Observed Data object.  The editors will work on these changes and identify the tasks that need to be reviewed for next weeks call.  Look for an email later this week from me.

Just a reminder: The infrastructure mini-group is making good progress. If you are interested and want to participate in that work, please contact Emily or Caitlin.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


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