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Subject: Re: [EXT] [cti] Is anyone relying on ubertaxii.com?

Trey -

On behalf of the TC I want to thank you for this generous contribution that you've made over the past year and a half and encourage TC members to step up and take over the hosting costs if you feel there is continued value in having ubertaxii.com as a community resource.


ïOn 4/22/19, 8:05 AM, "Trey Darley" <cti@lists.oasis-open.org on behalf of trey.darley@cert.be> wrote:

    Hi, y'all -
    As a support for the full-day STIX2/TAXII2 workshop that Richard
    Struse, John Wunder, and I led during the Prague CTI Technical
    Symposium December 2017, I setup a demo TAXII2 server with sample
    STIX2 OSINT provided by various members of the community. Since then
    I've been paying about $250 / year (out of my own pocket) for
    hosting. Looking to the logs, it appears to be pretty much idle.
    If ubertaxii.com is an important resource to you or your colleagues
    and you're willing to take over the hosting costs, please reach out to
    me directly by 15 May. Otherwise, I'll take it offline.
    Trey Darley
    CTI TC Co-Chair
    CTI Strategist, CERT.be
    Centre for Cyber Security Belgium
    Mail: trey.darley@cert.be
    GPG: CA5B 29E4 937E 151E 2550  6607 AE9A 7FF2 8000 0E4E
    Under the authority of the Prime Minister
    Wetstraat 16 - 1000 Brussels - Belgium
    Visiting address : Rue Ducale 4 â 1000 Brussels â Belgium
    Contact: https://www.cert.be

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