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Subject: Agenda for next few weeks


Here are the Github Issues we will be discussing over the next few weeks (note: these are all non-patterning issues).  If you can come to the call prepared, we can probably go through these faster and maybe even do two weeks at once.  We may even be able to solve some of these over email if enough people show support for one proposal or another. 

To talk about on June 4th Working Call
30 - Expand Encryption Algo Vocabulary
77 / 150 - Default values and versioning
96 - Add Name Description 
102 - Add relationship from Indicator to Observed Data
151 - Add bi-directional relationships 
158 - Observed Data

To talk about on June 11th Working Call
28 - Add support for Yara and Snort
67 - Clarify text on File Object extension 
115 - Data Markings clarify versioning text
123 - Data Marking subtypes
130 - Data Markings modified timestamp for TAXII

To talk about on June 18th Working Call
34 - Expand Industry Sector Vocab
43 - Make value property optional on email address object
47 - Clarify definitions on process object
49 - Network Traffic Object / Denied vs Allowed

Propose we punt to STIX 2.2
23 - Add Benign to vocabularies / Assertion Object
44 - Add network share object
153 - Malware type as closed vocabulary 


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