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Subject: Recap of working call


Today we had another successful working call and were able to process several Github Issues. Here is a recap of the issues:

30 - Expand Encryption Algo Vocabulary
Everyone decided to move this out to 2.2

77 / 150 - Default values and versioning
Everyone agreed that a producer should be able to do this and John-Mark is going to suggest some text.

96 - Add Name Description 
There were questions about which objects this would apply to.  Jason and Bret will produce a list for the TC to agree with.

102 - Add relationship from Indicator to Observed Data
Everyone agreed that this is probably best done via a derived-from or related-to common relationships but that some text needs to be added to help people understand this.  Gary is going to suggest some text.

151 - Add bi-directional relationships
Everyone agreed to reject this request for now.  If a more solid proposal is produced in the future we can look at it again.  However, this has been discussed a lot over the past 4 years. 

158 - Observed Data
Everyone agreed to use Allan's text and John-Mark will add any additional tweaks he things are necessary either in the observed data section or the patterning document. 

The following issues were moved out to STIX 2.2

23 - Add Benign to vocabularies / Assertion Object
44 - Add network share object
153 - Malware type as closed vocabulary 

Action Items

1) Please review working draft 04 and add all suggestions to the Google docs or send via email

2) Please review the Github Issues BEFORE the call so we do not spend time bringing everyone up to speed on what the issue is talking about.



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