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Subject: Re: [NEWSLETTER] Re: Re: [cti] Re: [EXT] Re: [cti] Call for objections to changing the SEPs Open Repository license from BSD-3 to Apache-2.0

On 08.06.2019 03:35:00, Sean Barnum wrote:
> SEPs were discussed at length at the F2F including several
> significant issues raised with the current proposal that after much
> discussion and debate we were not able to reach any sort of
> consensus on a solution that worked.
> Part of this discussion was on the last day not long before the f2f
> ended and, as Bret said, the agreement was to push it out past 2.1
> when we had time to explore potential solutions and not slow things
> down.
> While I would love to have a working solution for SEPs ASAP, I would
> not support reopening this can of worms for 2.1.

Howdy, y'all -

As the bloke who led the SEPs discussion at the F2F, my recollection
was that we agreed to lifeboat SEPs from 2.1 in the interest of
expediency. The consensus was (not necessarily unanimity) that the
existing GitHub-based process is workable as-is for many of us, and
that we would refine that process organically as we use it, which
would eventually inform the conversation around formalizing it in 2.2.

Trey Darley
CTI Strategist, CERT.be
Centre for Cyber Security Belgium
Mail: trey.darley@cert.be
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Under the authority of the Prime Minister
Wetstraat 16 - 1000 Brussels - Belgium
Visiting address : Rue Ducale 4 â 1000 Brussels â Belgium
Contact: https://www.cert.be

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