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Subject: Re: [cti] STIX 2.1 WD03 to WD04 changes

Chris compared WD03 to WD04 on purpose, as MITRE tries to make changes to python-stix2 one WD at a time.  😊


He will probably generate a similar list when WD05 is âfinalizedâ.




From: <cti@lists.oasis-open.org> on behalf of "Lenk, Chris" <clenk@mitre.org>
Date: Friday, June 28, 2019 at 11:59 AM
To: OASIS CTI TC list <cti@lists.oasis-open.org>
Subject: [cti] STIX 2.1 WD03 to WD04 changes




See below for a list of the changes I found between WD03 and WD04 of the STIX 2.1 specification. I generated this list to help with updating the schemas, tools, and libraries, but maybe youâll find it helpful as well. Note that these are just changes to normative statements; the list doesnât include typo fixes or non-normative wording changes.


Thank you,


Chris Lenk




Pt 1 core/master document


ids MUST be UUID (RFC 4122) compliant


SDOs/SROs/SHOs MUST NOT use a namespace of 00abedb4-aa42-466c-9c01-fed23315a9b7 if generating a UUIDv5

SCOs SHOULD use UUIDv5, with namespace 00abedb4-aa42-466c-9c01-fed23315a9b7, value set to the ID-contributing properties for the SCO

markings can have markings, but can't mark themselves (no circular references)

is_defanged, extensions must not be properties on non-SCO objects

infrastructure is no longer a reserved type

action is now a reserved type

new property: marking-definition.name

new requirements on custom objects:

              must have at least 1 property

              name MUST be in ASCII and MUST only contain the characters aâz (lowercase ASCII), 0â9, and underscore (_)

              property names must be 3-250 characters in length

custom extensions requirements removed:

              name MUST be in ASCII and MUST only contain the characters aâz (lowercase ASCII), 0â9, and underscore (_)

              property names must be 3-250 characters in length


requirements enforceable by validator and not schemas:

              all SCOs relationships


requirements we can't enforce:

              The UUID part of the identifier MUST be unique across all objects produced by a given producer regardless of the type identified by the object-type prefix. Meaning, a producer MUST NOT reuse the UUID portion of the identifier for objects of different types.

              SCOs: Producers not following these rules [for IDs] MUST NOT use a namespace of 00abedb4-aa42-466c9c01-fed23315a9b7

              cyber observable container is deprecated and SHOULD NOT be used

              For Custom Properties that use the hex type, the property name MUST end with '_hex'.

              For Custom Properties that use the binary type, the property name MUST end with '_bin'.



Pt 2 SDOs and SROs


new relationship: attack-pattern delivers malware

new relationship: campaign compromises infrastructure

new relationship: campaign uses infrastructure

course of action: action property removed

course of action: new properties: action_type, os_execution_envs, action_bin, action_reference

course of action: only one of following can be present: action_bin, action_reference

new relationship: course-of-action investigates indicator

new relationship: course-of-action mitigates indicator

new relationship: course-of-action remediates malware, vulnerability

new object type: Grouping

new relationship: indicator indicates infrastructure

new object type: Infrastructure

new relationship: intrusion-set compromises infrastructure

new relationship: intrusion-set hosts, owns infrastructure

new relationship: intrusion-set uses infrastructure

location.street_address is renamed to 'code' in WD04 but renamed back in WD05...

malware: new properties: is_family, aliases, first_seen, last_seen, os_execution_envs, architecture_execution_envs, implementation_languages, capabilities, sample_refs

malware.aliases is now optional

new relationship: malware authored-by threat-actor, intrusion-set

new relationship: malware beacons-to, exfiltrate-to (renamed exfiltrate-to in WD04) infrastructure

new relationship: malware communicates-with ipv4-addr, ipv6-addr, domain-name, url

new relationship: malware controls malware

new relationship: malware downloads, drops malware, tool, file

new relationship: malware exploits vulnerability

new relationship: malware targets infrastructure

new relationship: malware variant-of malware

new object type: malware-analysis

new relationship: threat-actor compromises infrastructure

new relationship: threat-actor hosts, owns infrastructure

new relationship: threat-actor uses infrastructure

new property: tool.aliases

new relationship: tool delivers malware

new relationship: tool drops malware

new relationship: tool targets infrastructure

new relationship: tool uses infrastructure

new relationship: vulnerability impacts infrastructure, tool

relationship source_ref aht target_map must not point to language-content


requirements enforceable by validator and not schemas:

              course-of-action.action_type SHOULD come from course-of-action-type-ov

              course-of-action.os_execution_envs SHOULD be a CPE v2.3 entry

              grouping.context SHOULD come from grouping-context-ov

              infrastructure.infrastructure_types SHOULD come from infrastructuretype-ov

              infrastructure.last_seen MUST be greater than or equal to first seen

              malware.last_seen MUST be greater than or equal to first seen

              malware.os_execution_envs SHOULD be a CPE v2.3 entry

              malware.os_execution_envs SHOULD come from processor-architecture-ov

              malware.implementation_languages SHOULD come from implementation-language-ov

              malware.capabilities SHOULD come from malware-capabilities-ov

              malware-analysis.product SHOULD be all lowercase with words separated by a dash "-".

              malware-analysis.av_result SHOULD come from malware-av-result-ov

              observed-data exactly one of [objects, object_refs] must be present


requirements we can't enforce:

              Malware SHOULD contain defanged content

              Malware MUST contain the 'name' property if it represents a malware family rather than a malware instance

              If malware.is_family is false, then all samples listed in sample_refs MUST refer to the same binary data

              malware family variant-of malware instance MUST NOT be used

              malware-analysis.product MUST = "anonymized" if name of product cannot be used

              Multiple SCOs not related to each other MUST NOT be contained within the same Observed Data instance.



Pt 3 SCOs


new properties on all SCOs: id, spec_version, object_marking_refs, granular_markings, is_defanged

each SCO now defines properties that should be used in the algorithm to generate its ID

all *_ref/s properties (on SCOs and SCO extensions) point to stix ids now, not object_refs

email-message new property: message_id

email-message.additional_header_fields: values must be list of type string

windows-peoptional-header-type must contain at least 1 of its properties

http-request-ext.request_header: values must be list of type string


requirements enforceable by validator and not schemas:

              'hashes' properties must come from hash-algorithm-ov

              artifact.encryption_algorithm must be from encryption-algorithm-enum

              artifact-encryption-enum removed

              file.hashes: uses hash-algorithm-ov, not -enum

              windows-pebinary-ext.file_header_hashes MUST come from hash-algorithm-ov



Pt 4 Vocabs


new vocab: course-of-action-type-ov

rename artifact-encryption-enum to encryption-algorithm-enum

new vocab: grouping-context-ov

new vocab: implementation-language-ov

new value: indicator-type-ov: unknown

new vocab: infrastructure-type-ov

new vocab: malware-av-result-ov

new vocab: malware-capabilities-ov

new values: malware-type-ov: bootkit, downloader, unknown, webshell, wiper

new vocab: processor-architecture-ov

region oceana renamed to oceania

new value: threat-actor-type-ov: unknown

new value: tool-type-ov: unknown

new value: windows-registry-datatype-enum: REG_DWORD_LITTLE_ENDIAN



Pt 5 Patterning


No substantive changes

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