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Subject: Adding TLSH fuzzy hash to supported Hashing Algorithm to STIX 2.1



In section 10.7 Hashing Algorithm we would like to propose to add TLSH which is a fuzzy hash. It is supported in MISP and in some Trend Micro products for example.


Committee Specification Draft 01 /
Public Review Draft 01



TLSH  –specifies the TLSH fuzzy hashing algorithm. The corresponding hash string for this value MUST be a valid 35 bytes long hash as defined in the [TLSH] specification.

Reference / Specification

[TLSH]   Jonathan Oliver, Chun Cheng, and Yanggui Chen, TLSH - A Locality Sensitive Hash. 4th Cybercrime and Trustworthy Computing Workshop, Sydney, November 2013. Available :  https://github.com/trendmicro/tlsh/blob/master/TLSH_CTC_final.pdf

Source : https://github.com/trendmicro/tlsh



TLSH is Open Source and got an Apache 2.0 license.


If you need background on TLSH versus SSDEEP or versus Sdhash, here is a paper : https://github.com/trendmicro/tlsh/blob/master/Attacking_LSH_and_Sim_Dig.pdf






David Girard

Trend Micro



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