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Subject: Proposal for a Threat Actor Context (TAC) TC


As many of you know several members of the CTI TC held an exploratory meeting on the topic of establishing a Threat Actor Users Group on Friday, August 2nd. The main idea centered around the notion of setting up an Open Repository under OASIS rules to establish a framework for content sharing on this important topic.

After some further discussion on Slack, email, and by phone among several of the interested parties, and after a meeting with Chet Ensign, the participants realized that a separate TC should be formed that would sponsor such an Open Repository. The benefits of having an Open Repository is that it would allow both OASIS members and non-members to participate.

Given these discussions and thoughts, several of the interested participants put together a DRAFT Charter for a new TC that will perform this function. In the short term we are calling it the Threat Actor Context (TAC) TC.

I am writing today to send you all the link to the DRAFT Charter and to invite any current OASIS members to make comments and offer to participate as a Proposer for the TAC TC. Following is the link:


Note that the Primary contact for OASIS will need to insert a Statement of Support to complete this Charter. If you are not the primary contact and would like to participate, please forward the above link to the correct person so he/she may insert the statement.

Attached is the list of those that attended the exploratory meeting plus those that have expressed an interest in participating. Please contact me if you would like edit rights to add your name to section (2)(d) as a Proposer and/or you would like to make other comments on the DRAFT Charter.

This will be the last correspondence to the CTI TC on this matter. Henceforth we will only communicate on TAC TC matters with those that have expressed an interest in this topic and TC.

Best regards,

R. Jane Ginn, MSIA, MRP
+ 001 (928) 399-0509

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