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Subject: CTI-TC Feature Attestation Template

Hi, all â


A template has been provided to assist you in your sponsorship of STIX/TAXII 2.1 specification features via âattestationâ â meaning you are not going to share proprietary code, but attest to your exercising the specification via code.

You can find the template on the CTI-TC Cover Page in the sponsorship section: CTI-TC - Sponsors Working Document 1.0 Attestation Template - WD01.


During the working call next week, weâll go over how to fill in the template. There are examples on the page that have used the template, such as CTI SCOs As Top-Level Objects - Sponsors Working Document 1.0 - WD01. Each will be different, but not necessarily difficult.


Thanks to Jane Ginn for providing the template!



Justin Stewart

CTI-TC Interop co-chair



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