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Subject: January Monthly Meeting


Happy New Year All!

I'd like to point out that the SDO Sponsorships for this STIX 2.1 version end January 26, 2020. See the Google Docs Matrix with the Sponsor designations.Â


If you are a Sponsor and need help getting started with the Template, please reach out to one of us. Justin Stewart, copied on this email, has put together some really useful instructions on the Template. And, of course, Bret and Emily, STIX Co-Chairs, (also copied) can also field your questions.Â

We will be having our monthly meetings on Thursday, January 16th (Sessions #1 & #2). You should have received the invitations from the Kavi platform earlier. If any of the Sponsors would like to present their findings during that meeting, please reach out to any of the Chairs or Co-Chairs so we can get your presentation on the schedule. Let us know how much time you'll need.Â

Let's make 2020 the year for implementation!

Jane Ginn,
Secretary, CTI TC

Jane Ginn, MSIA, MRP
Secretary, OASIS CTI TC
Sponsor, TAC TC
Sponsor, BP TC
001 (928) 399-0509

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