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Subject: Two vocab changes for 2.1


Rich P and I have looked over two older issues that requested some changes to two vocabularies. We believe that we should just do these. If you object to them, please speak up on the list, if we do not hear any objections, we will plan on making these changes after next week's working call.Â

Expand Encryption Algorithm Vocabulary #30

This issue is about adding a few entries to the encryptionÂalgorithm vocabulary. We will work with Ivan to get the small and definitive list figured out and added.

Suggested Additions to industry-sector-ov #34

This is about adding a few entries to the industry sector vocabulary to make mapping easier between the DHS 16 critical controls to this vocabulary. What we are proposing is that we group these like we did in the Region vocabulary. This way, if you know the extra fidelityÂyou can include it. But if you do not, you can just pick the value from the parent. You can see a full example of what we are proposing in the issue tracker, the second to last entry in the issue. This should give DHS the ability to map to and from the STIX vocabulary.Â

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