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Subject: Fujitsu's Statement of Use on STIX 2.1 and TAXII 2.1

"Fujitsu has successfully implemented the Committee Specification 01 (approved March 20, 2020) version of the OASIS STIX Version 2.1 specification and the Committee Specification 02 (approved January 17, 2020) version of the OASIS TAXII Version 2.1 specification in our Seamless Threat Intelligence Platform (S-TIP), Open Source Software (OSS) threat intelligence platform available at https://github.com/s-tip/stip-common. The implementation meets the conformance clauses listed in section 12 of the specification. This use of STIX V2.1 included the interoperation of multiple independent implementations. 
S-TIP enables humans and systems to seamlessly share threat intelligence with its modules (SNS/RS/GV/TXS). The SNS module extracts Threat Actors, Indicators, and other STIX 2.1 SDOs from SNS posts and blogs like security reports. The SNS module also enriches those SDOs with descriptions from open knowledge bases like CVEs. The GV module visualizes the STIX files as graphs. The SNS module also supports creating STIX files in multiple languages based on STIX 2.1 Language Content (i18n). The TXS module supports Server Information, Collections, and other TAXII 2.1 APIs."

Fujitsu System Integration Laboratories
Koji Yamada
E-mail: yamada.koji@fujitsu.com

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