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Subject: Minutes from Interop working call

Hi, all â


Got some good work done today on the working call; lots more to go.

First, many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the update of the interop docs. Itâs been a great month. Lots of editing to perform now due to the good reviews. Hereâs some highlights from todayâs review.


STIX 2.1 Interoperability Test Document Part 1 V0.1

  1. [Section 1] âUse Caseâ vs âTest Caseâ
    As these terms are used interchangeably a lot in the documents, we will use âUse Caseâ to refer to the high/top-level sections that cover a domain of interop. We will use âTest caseâ to refer to specific and individual cases within the âUse Caseâ.
  2. [Section 2.1] Re-write Bundle paragraph
    Weâve decided to remove the Bundle wrappers from the STIX objects so we focus more on the object interop and less on the Bundle. The assumption for interop for this version is that all STIX objects relevant to a test case are present in the test âcontainerâ when needed.
    âThe STIX 2.1 specification allows object references that are not distributed within the same container (i.e. STIX Bundle, TAXII Envelope). However the current scope of this specification chooses to rely on all data being within the same container.â
  3. [throughout] What is the right word to suggest all STIX objects are available when referenced? âpresentâ, âaccessibleâ?
  4. [throughout] Changing âmandatoryâ â ârequiredâ
  5. [throughout] Changing âfieldsâ, âattributesâ â âpropertiesâ
  6. [Sections 2.3, 2.4] Migrating from cyber-observables to SCOs, including a note that cyber-observables are still supported, but deprecated. Rich P volunteered for these changes.


Also, weâve agreed to meet more often to get ahead of this work. Iâll get a next meeting notice out soon.




Justin Stewart
Software Engineer



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