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Subject: Suggestion for STIX 2.1 CSD05

Hi everyone,


DHS and MITRE have a small addition we would like to be included in the STIX CSD.


The suggested change to the text of extension-definition section is that a human readable reference (e.g. Markdown, webpage)  be provided. Currently, although the specification does not mandate the content of the schema property of an extension-definition object reference,  a URL pointing to a json schema is suggested. 


The additional normative/informative statement would be:


                An external reference to the documentation of the extension-definition (SHOULD/MAY) be provided.


The TC can decide the degree of desirability of this important aspect of an extension. 


The main concern of DHS was that the meaning should be available to consumers of extensions.  Json Schema allows for commenting or documentation, but it is not an appropriate place for users to find such information.  The inclusion of an external reference to documentation would satisfy DHSâs concerns.




                Marlon and Rich P.



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