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Subject: Comment Resolution Log for STIX 2.1 CSD 05

Happy New Year!
Thanks to everyone who voted on CSD05, it passed and the public review period is now complete. We received 3 comments during that time. The proposed comment resolution log is attached.
The comments included
- a question about avoiding duplicates which was answered on the list (Thanks to Rich and Keven!) and requires no spec change
- identification of an editorial problem with the Identity Class open vocabulary table (unspecified in the summary, unknown in the body)
- request to add an optional pointer to a human readable comment about the extension
Are you willing to accept the resolution (accept) of the latter two since they are simple editorial fixes and clarifications? These changes are simple and straightforward enough that Bret nor I believe that a working group call is needed, but we wanted to make sure that you agree with the changes and are in agreement with this plan. Please let us know.
Thank you!
Emily Ratliff
STSM, Security Architect
IBM Security

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