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Subject: Recommendation on OASIS rule changes regarding TC co-chair appointments

All -


As we discussed during the January 2021 CTI TC meeting, the OASIS Board of Directors approved a revision of the OASIS Committee Operations Process last year. The revised OASIS Committee Operations Process came into force effective 01 December 2020. Â1.4 of the OASIS Committee Operations Process has a new requirement that OASIS TC chairs (or co-chairs) be reappointed every two years [1].


For your convenience, here is the relevant bit of text in full:

"Every two years a Committee must re-appoint its chair(s). A call for candidates must be requested through the committeeâs general email list inviting candidacy to be posted to that list. Committee members have 7 days after being notified to propose themselves as a candidate. All Committee members are eligible to apply including current and past chairs; no term limits apply. After the 7 Days candidacy period, if seats are contested, a ballot must be run to select the chair(s)."


In compliance with OASIS rules, we will issue a call for candidates following this monthâs full TC meetings. Trey and I intend to apply to this call. We have been discussing the future of CTI TC leadership and what a responsible transition plan looks like over the past 18 months or so. We firmly believe that the TC will benefit from new leadership and new thinking, especially once the STIX 2.1 and TAXII 2.1 specifications obtain full OASIS Standard status this summer. Therefore, it is my intention to step down as CTI TC co-chair once the TC has reached this significant milestone; at that time a ballot will be opened to fill the vacancy. Trey has expressed his willingness to stay on as a TC co-chair for a period of time to give the new co-chair a chance to get acclimated â once a smooth transition has taken place, Trey intends to step down as well and a ballot for his seat will be opened.


Bottom line is this â if the TC wants us to, Trey and I are willing to continue to serve as TC co-chairs for the time being as outlined above. However, if anyone in the TC is interested in serving as a TC co-chair now, all they need to do is to reply to that call for candidates when it goes out later this week and the TC co-chairs will be selected by ballot. This is your TC and you get to decide who leads it.


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.





    [1]: https://www.oasis-open.org/policies-guidelines/oasis-committee-operations-process/#chairs


Richard J. Struse

Co-chair, OASIS Cyber Threat Intelligence Technical Committee

Director, The Center for Threat-Informed Defense


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+1-703-983-7049 (office)

+1-703-342-8368 (mobile)

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