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Subject: Re: [cti] Sightings of Observables with Descriptions


Did you see the Hybrid Extension Example on Page 206 of the STIX2.1 CS02
version? It sounds like something like this might be a good way to
shorten the chain that you describe here.

Jane Ginn

On 3/1/2021 12:26 PM, Mates, Jeffrey CIV DC3/TSD wrote:
> I ran into a bit of weirdness when modelling some data I received in STIX 2.1. 
> In this case it was with sensor data that had descriptions descriptions, and 
> from what I can see the only way to get a description of these is to:
> 1. Create the SCOs
> 2. Make observations of the SCOs
> 3. Make a sighting of the observations of the SCOs with a description
> I suspect it is now too late to do this, but it could be useful if Observed 
> Data objects include a description property or if Sighting could be a sighting 
> on an SCO directly in order to shorten this chain.  If others have run into 
> this issue I'm curious how you worked through it.
> //SIGNED//
> Jeffrey Mates, Civ DC3/TSD
> Computer Scientist
> Technical Solutions Development
> jeffrey.mates@dc3.mil
> 410-694-4335
Jane Ginn, MSIA, MRP
Secretary, OASIS CTI TC
Sponsor, TAC TC
Sponsor, BP TC
001 (928) 399-0509

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