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Subject: CTI Information featured at RSA 2021

Dear CTI Members,

OASIS is a RSA 2021 Association Partner. We'reÂentitled to add three assets (White Papers, Electronic Brochures, Flyers, short video) in our Community Partners Listing. This would be the equivalent of quick demo video running on a monitor, or literature you would hand out in your booth or have displayed on a demo counter/literature rack, etc. for a live event.

We'd like to include an asset featuring our CTI work. This can be something that already exists or can be created.

Please note: Our deadline is Friday, 14 May and theÂ
acceptedÂfile types are MP4, PDF, DOC(X), PPT(X), JPG or PNG.Â

We hope the group is interested. Please let us know what you think. T
hanks, Jane



Manager of Events


+1 703-508-3373

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