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Subject: Bret Jordan has kindly agreed to step in as a substitute chair for today's second full CTI TC call

Hey, y'all -

Due to unforeseen circumstances Rich is exceptionally unable to chair
today's second full CTI TC call. Bret Jordan has kindly volunteered to
step in to chair the 21h EDT call.

Trey Darley (he/him)
Co-chair, OASIS CTI TC
Systems and Security Architect, CERT.be
The main trouble with juggling is that the balls go where you throw them.
CERT.be / Centre for Cyber Security Belgium
Mail: trey.darley@cert.be
GPG: CA5B 29E4 937E 151E 2550  6607 AE9A 7FF2 8000 0E4E
Web: https://www.cert.be
Under the authority of the Prime Minister
rue de la Loi 16/Wetstraat 16, 1000 Brussels - Belgium

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