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Subject: Call for speakers: STIX 2.1 pre-conference workshop @ BC Virtual

Dear CTI TC Members,

As you all know, OASIS teamed up with the National Council of ISACs on a two-day virtual Borderless Cyber ConferenceÂon 23-24 June. The timely topic of 'Mitigating Global Threats to Supply Chains' is our theme this year. We've secured an outstanding speaker lineup. We hope you consider joining us.Â

The ISAC community expressed an interest in learning more about STIX 2.1. We'd like to arrange a pre-conference STIX 2.1 workshop on 22 June. The proposed workshop could include a STIX 2.1 update followed by information on some of the SOUs. And maybe open it up to questions at the end.

If you are interested in contributing to this activity, please contact me by 1 June.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Regards, Jane



Manager of Events


+1 703-508-3373

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