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Subject: stix2-generator 0.2.0 is released

Hi everyone-


We just published stix2-generator version 0.2.0 on PyPi [1]. The source code is available at [2]. read-the-docs documentation is available at [3].


Please enter an issue on GitHub for bugs and feature requests.


Contributions welcome.


Rich Piazza

Andy Chisholm




[1] https://pypi.org/project/stix2-generator

[2] https://github.com/oasis-open/cti-stix-generator

[3] https://stix2-generator.readthedocs.io/en/latest/  


Changes in the release


- Miscellaneous registry updates  

- Bring stix-generator back to compatibility with the stix2 library

- Add new infrastructure-type-ov values , Incident object for CS03

- Use real values for path_enc

- Add Artifact.decryption_key co-constraint

- Add shortcuts for TLP markings to default registry

- Change the STIX timestamp semantic for the object generator to

    generate timestamps with at least millisecond precision.

    Coconstraint satisfaction is changed to be done at full microsecond

    precision.  So if "ts1 > ts2", ts1 could be as little as one

    microsecond larger than t2.

- Change version-related property specs of malware-analysis SDO spec to generate strings

- Pass the SCO type enum into generate() directly instead of

    manually picking a specific type first.  The generate()

    implementation handles type selection automatically!

- Add a "parse" setting to STIXGenerator's config, to enable/disable

    parsing to stix2 objects, analogously to the change to


- Fix the observable-container semantic to switch off parsing

    in its ReferenceGraphGenerator instance, to ensure generated

    objects are plain JSON-serializable values.


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