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Subject: IMPORTANT: Call for objections to unanimous approval of Robert Corderre as co-chair of the CTI TC

All â


With the call for nominations for co-chair of the CTI TC closed as of midnight (ET) Friday, we have one nominee. Robert Corderre has nominated himself to serve as co-chair of the CTI TC and his nomination was seconded by Jane Ginn. As there is only one nominee for this position, we request that voting members of the CTI TC inform us if you object to unanimous approval of this nomination. Objections can be made via an email to this list or, if you prefer, privately via email to myself and Trey Darley (copied). If anyone objects to approval via unanimous consent we will open a formal ballot.


If however, no objections to approving via unanimous consent have been received by Monday, August 2nd at 11:59PM ET, Robert Corderre will become the next co-chair of the CTI TC, serving alongside existing co-chair Trey Darley.


As always, please let Trey or I know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.





Richard J. Struse

Director, The Center for Threat-Informed Defense




P: +1 781 382 5029

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