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Subject: Thanks and next steps !


First I'd like to thank everyone that participated in the first meeting, and especially those that made it to Paris. I believe we had great sessions, and it was really nice meeting you and working all around Paris together.

I have updated the calendar events with the PDF and Powerpoints of the slides we used, which you can also find in the Documents repository. I have also added meeting nodes for the first "official" meeting. I didn't produce any meeting notes for the second meeting because apart from the slides there wasn't anything particular that was discussed.

One thing I would like to point out is that in the slide deck there is one thing that was not presented at the meeting because it happened AFTER the meeting. This slides presents the potential roadmap, and it looks like this:

Roadmap proposal:
Use cases - 1-2 months
Domain model - 1-2 months
API definition - 4-5 months
Spec  draft - 2-3 months

Outside OASIS formal process:
Test suite / reference impl. - 4-5 months

This is just some guesstimates at this point, but it helps to give us a ballpark of what we're trying to achieve. Note that the implementation and test suite are outside of the official roadmap, since they will happen elsewhere (hopefully ASF). Of course multiple implementations may also be performed.

Now the next steps are : 
- Official TC meetings will take place every first Wednesday of each month, so the next one is on June 3rd at 16:00 CET (with DST) and last for an hour. We will use Google Hangouts for these meetings.
- Workgroup leads (Serge, Thomas and Jan) need to setup a weekly meeting to work on their assigned tasks. Google Hangouts will also be used for these, unless the workgroups decide to do it differently.
- Please spread the word as widely as possible, we need more companies/individuals, especially coming from different business areas to join the effort. You can even simply refer them to me if that's easier.

That's basically it. Thanks again for coming, and for electing Thomas and I as co-chair. We hope we will serve you well.


ps : for Jon, really sorry about the conf, not sure what happened there. If you have any questions please feel free to ask here in the mailing list or directly to me.

- -- --- -----=[ shuber at jahia dot com ]=---- --- -- -
CTO & Co-founder - Jahia Solutions Group, 9 Routes de Jeunes, 1227 Acacias, Switzerland
twitter: @sergehuber

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