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Subject: Re: Workgroup 1 workshop date and time

On 2015-05-04 15:05, Serge Huber wrote:
Following up on Jan's lead, we would also like to setup a weekly workshop for
the first workgroup, that is dedicated to "marketing" of the CXS effort. The
goal of this workshop is to promote the TC externally, in order to attract more
people into the TC. We also have a "marketing plan" document available here :

(This document is editable only by members of the TC and Carol)

We also have slides that explain the overall roles of the workgroups as well as
some interesting ones about the marketing plans :

(this document is publicly viewable).

Carol, we have thought of inviting you to these, but we weren't sure if you
could make it, or if it was even allowed by OASIS rules ? Maybe you could just
join once and we can continue offline afterwards ?

Ate, we were wondering if you would be interested in joining the effort, despite
the fact that you mentioned that your company didn't want to get involved until
marketing automation vendors joined the effort ? We could use all the help we
can get !

I'm certainly not the best possible representative from Hippo for workgroup 1 concerning "marketing" of the CXS effort.
But right now I'm the only one available, and with only limited time.
I'm OK for now to attend these workgroup meetings and see how much input I can give. At least I can channel ideas, suggestions and discuss internally possible actions we might be able to help with.

Mondays 15:00 (CEST?) probably works for me.


Jan, could you get in touch with the Telerik Business Analyst you were thinking
about ? Thanks.

I propose that we meet for the workshop either each Monday at 15:00 (but not
today obviously) or each Friday at 15:00 . I believe for marketing it makes
sense to meet either at the beginning of the week or at the end of the week. I
hope one of these periods will work for you.

Best regards,
   Serge Huber.

ps : here are the proposed workgroups and their tentative membership :

*Workgroup 1: Lead: Serge (Jahia)____*

*Participants: Carol (OASIS), Thomas (Enonic), Ate (Hippo)?, Telerik Business
Analyst ?*____

__ __

Workgroup 2: Lead: Thomas (Enonic)____

Participants: Sten Roger (Enonic), Kaloyan Nikolov (Telerik), Julio Camarero

__ __

Workgroup 3: Lead: Jan (Telerik)

Participants: Serge (Jahia), Chris (Jahia)?, John (Independent)?

__ __

Action items for leads : setup weekly meeting day and time and ask for more
participants in the mailing list____

Objective : produce results by the next TC official meeting

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