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Subject: Workgroup 1 meeting tomorrow

Hello all, 

As I might not be available at the meeting tomorrow (I'm off work but if possible will try to join for at least part of the meeting), I'd like to quickly update all of you on the latest developments : 

1. We've worked with Carol (OASIS) & Anne (Jahia) to prepare a press release that will go out on Tuesday, June 2nd and that will announce the official start of the TC as well as the upcoming webinars

2. Wev'e worked with Carol & Jane (OASIS) to organise two webinars that will take place June 15th at 15:00 CET and 21:30 CET . The first one uses the time slot for the webinar and this is voluntary so that anyone involved can also join. This webinar will present the TC work at hopefully some marketing vendors to try to get them on board.

You can find the last meeting minutes here : https://docs.google.com/document/d/162yCRniIeuYmGHJoM8p8BCraENXjR8AsSRsfwynDuEY/edit#heading=h.ooe7fq37m3vz

Note that basically the way we worked is that we simply copied over all the action items, marked as done the ones that were completed and opened new ones. I think this system is straight-forward enough and works quite well so I suggest we continue this way.

Hope to see you tomorrow and if not have a great workshop ! 

  Serge Huber.

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