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Subject: Marketing workshop today ?

Hello all, 

Thomas just informed me he couldn't make it to today's marketing workshop. Was anyone else planning to attend it ? Otherwise we can cancel it and see you next week ! 

We have a few things to do, notably we have new material to promote, in the form of the recorded webinars and videos I produced based on it. We also need to check with Dee (from OASIS) on the status of the last webinar and how we go from here. 

I'll try to continue working with Dee to keep things moving.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.


- -- --- -----=[ shuber at jahia dot com ]=---- --- -- -
CTO & Co-founder - Jahia Solutions Group, 9 Routes de Jeunes, 1227 Acacias, Switzerland
twitter: @sergehuber

Jahia is a leading open source User eXperience Platform (UXP) vendor, relentlessly working at transforming a siloed industry into a user-driven one, beyond technology constraints - http://www.jahia.com

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