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Subject: Re: [cxs] ApacheCon videos & tomorrow's monthly meeting

Good job Serge!

Thomas Sigdestad
+47 98236011

Den 6. okt. 2015 kl. 21.19 skrev Serge Huber <shuber@jahia.com>:

Hello CXSers,

Just back at work coming back from ApacheCon, where we heavily promoted Unomi and CXS ! We recorded both sessions and we would welcome your help in promoting them : 

ApacheCon Keynote - Elie and Serge

Apache Unomi in-depth: Introducing an Open Source Standard and Implementation to Deliver Transparent Data Privacy - Serge Huber

I hope you will enjoy them, we got excellent feedback on the projects and a full house at the in-depth session.

Tomorrow we have our monthly TC meeting, I hope you will all be able to attend.

Best regards,
  Serge Huber.

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