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Subject: "Full" day workshop


At the monthly meeting we were all concerned about the rate of progress, and came up with the idea of planning a full-day workshop. 

The idea would be to meet remotely in the morning, agree on the work to do during the day and then we could either split into workgroups again or even perform work offline during the day and meet back up at specific times. Anything is possible but the idea is to devote a day to making good progress.

We (Chris, Jan, Kaloyan & me) could all be available on December 9th from 10:00-12:00 and then 13:00-16:00. Thomas would this work for you ? As an alternative we could also be available on Thursday the 10th, but with a preference for the Wednesday. 

We also didn’t plan later in December because after that it becomes a lot more complicated for many of us.

Of course if any others on the list would like to join feel free to do so but please give us an headsup. 

I propose that we use Google Hangout again and re-use this URL : 


Thanks to all for your involvement and commitment, it is really appreciated.

Best regards,

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