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Subject: Re: [cxs] Cancel today's monthly + REST meeting proposal March 17th 2016, 9am till 12 CEST

Well he’ll have to eat a little later then… but oh boy does he owe us beers :) 

Btw I’ve started playing with NativeScript, very fun and interesting technology from Telerik :)


On 11 mars 2016, at 09:56, Jan Blessenohl <Jan.Blessenohl@telerik.com> wrote:

Hi Serge,
Sorry, was skiing yesterday. I am fine with the 17th 12-15. We have to have lunch together with Thomas I guess ;)
From: cxs@lists.oasis-open.org [mailto:cxs@lists.oasis-open.org] On Behalf Of Serge Huber
Sent: Donnerstag, 10. März 2016 10:29
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Subject: Re: [cxs] Cancel today's monthly + REST meeting proposal March 17th 2016, 9am till 12 CEST
Hi guys, 
I’m still waiting on answer for the REST meeting on March 17th 2016 from 12-15. Jan ? Kaloyan ? 
As soon as I have confirmations I can setup the meeting in the OASIS calendar.
On 2 mars 2016, at 12:21, Thomas Sigdestad <tsi@enonic.com> wrote:
I have a board meeting until 12 - can we do 12-15 instead?
Vennlig hilsen/Best regards
Enonic AS
Thomas Sigdestad
https://enonic.com - A web operating system for your sites and applications
On 02 Mar 2016, at 11:41, Serge Huber <shuber@jahia.com> wrote:

Hi guys, 

Sorry time flies by so fast :) I saw that we have a monthly meeting setup in the calendar for today. I propose that we cancel is that ok for everybody ? 

For the REST API workshop I’d like to propose a new date, hopefully that will work for everyone. Thursday, March 17th from 9am till 12 (noon) CEST. Is that ok ?

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