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Subject: Re: [cxs] Another productive Workgroup 3 session

On 24 Jun 2016, at 08:28, Kaloyan Nikolov <Kaloyan.Nikolov@telerik.com> wrote:

Hi guys,
My comments are here:
1.       GET with body vs. POST
·         POST is not cache-able by the browser which means that those queries will be executed each time. In some cases we would like to cache them for short period but there will be no possibility for this using POST

In the scenario we’re proposing, POST would only be used for “complex” queries, i.e. ones that are more specific and therefore less likely to be cacheable (though, as a whole, it’s debatable just how cacheable query results might be for CXS data which is, by essence, very dynamic). The simpler queries provided by the GET endpoint would be more likely cacheable and benefit from using the GET method.

·         The only API I know for using GET wit body is ElasticSearch, should we base our API on this I would say “Exception”? Furthermore I see in the internet some articles saying that there are servers and clients having issues with body for GET.

See again the links I posted on this. While GET with body is not strictly forbidden, no semantics can be attached to the body and servers are likely to strip it away.

2.       About dynamic JSON structures like {… and: [… ] }, as Chris pointed out the property keys are not known and when you parse it you should check if any of the supported are present in the JSON object. Another issue is that the more typed languages like C# might struggle a bit to serialize/deserialize such objects.

Yes. :)


Christophe Laprun
Senior Software Engineer

8 rue du Sentier | 75002 Paris | France

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